1Who are Boxsite Members?

Our Members are individuals like you who are serious about affecting a positive change in their financial goals and as such, we will only approve Boxsite Member Accounts we deem fit to the culture of this elite platform.

2How does Boxsite guarantee my hand?

We GURANTEE your Hand with the surety bond of financial backing to the extent that even if another member defaults on their Box commitments in any possible way, Boxsite will cover their position to prevent ANY loss to our members. This includes, but is not limited to late payments by other members, or failure to pay entirely. Therefore, you will receive your Hand on-time, every-time regardless of any incidentals.

3How do I choose a date to receive my Hand?

By clicking the Join button of a Box, you will be immediately prompted to select your desired Hand date based on the frequency of the Box (Monthly/Fortnightly/Weekly). Hand dates are available on a first come basis. Also, when creating a Box, you will be able to select your desired Hand date in the Add New Box form before submitting. Before joining any Box please review the Details carefully to ensure it is suitable for you.

4How do I create a box?

Just go to your Dashboard in your Boxsite Member Account and click on Manage Box. Then click on the green button, Add New, fill in the form with the key characteristics and click the blue Submit button below the form.

5What are the Key Characteristics of a Box?

There are five (5) key characteristics of a Box: (1) the Throw amount to be contributed by each Member who joins the Box; (2) how long the Box will go on (it’s life-time) based on how many Members and Hands there are in the Box (one Hand per Member); (3) the frequency of payments into the Box and payments out of the Box (Monthly, Fortnightly, Weekly); (4) whether the Box is Public (Available to all eligible Boxsite Members) or Private (Available to only specific Members); and (5) the date when the Box will start.

6What is a Box?

The concept of Throwing a Box has been around for generations, assisting people with achieving their financial goals by committing to a group contract to pool a set amount of money called the Throw amount, at set intervals, most commonly weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. At the end of each interval, a different person from the group, already predetermined, receives the pooled amount called the Hand, until all members of the group have been exhausted. This is advantageous to the participants to receive a lump-sum of cash towards their financial goal.

7Are there any fees other than Boxsite’s Handling Fee?

A Boxsite Membership requires an annual fee of only $50.00. For more details, please refer to the Service Fees section of our Terms and Conditions.

8I see that a bank account is required to be linked to my Member Account. Will Boxsite have access to my bank account?

No. All transactions are carried out by Caribbean Union Bank (CUB) via the EFT system (Electronic Funds Transfer) with your consent when you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Both the Box savings method and the EFT system have been in functional existence for quite some time, we are just bringing them together in a unique way to make your experience better.

9What is Boxsite’s Handling Fee?

Our Fee is only 2% of your Hand amount. For example, if you are to collect a Hand of $1,000.00, Boxsite’s handling fee would be just $20.00.

10Who is Boxsite?

Boxsite Ltd. is an Antigua and Barbuda registered company formed by a local group of creatives, businessmen and entrepreneurs, excited about assisting you with this platform and service to become successful in achieving your financial goals.

11What do I need to register?

Your one time only registration requires you to have up-loadable copies of the following (You can simply photograph or scan, and upload these documents):

a) Passport, Social Security card and Medical Benefits card,

b) Utility bill, or your Lease Agreement if your utility bill does not appear in your name,

c) Job letter addressed to Boxsite Ltd., Factory Road, St. John’s, Antigua, or your business certificate if you are self employed.

You are also required to have a bank account.

12Why do I need a bank account?

For your convenience and security, all Hands are paid out electronically by our bank, Caribbean Union Bank (CUB). During registration you will provide your bank details for CUB to credit your bank account with your Hand at the scheduled time of your Active Box or Boxes.