1Who is Boxsite Ltd?

Boxsite Ltd. is a registered Corporation in Antigua and Barbuda. This platform is the brainchild of three brothers (Kenny, Conelly and Wayne Gardner), who are local creatives, businessmen and entrepreneurs. We have partnered with several Angel Investors to provide you with this platform and opportunity to take advantage of a timeless tradition of our progenitors, without any of the drawbacks. We created this community to help you become successful in achieving your financial goals, in the true nature and memory of our father and hero. Our goal is to make a difference. Making a difference to a campaign, to a group of people, or to a single person, is what makes our efforts worthwhile. “There is no exercise better for the heart than lifting people up.” John Holmes

Kenny Gardner: Owner/Proprietor VCNG, Halt and Xante Clothing Stores (Vendors’ Mall St. John’s)
Conelly Gardner: General Manager Arringo (Antigua) Ltd. (Arringo.com)
Wayne Gardner: Owner/Proprietor Lincoln Farms Aquaponics (https://antiguanewsroom.com/lincoln-farms-doing-agriculture-the-modern-way/)

2Who are Boxsite Members?

Our Members are individuals like you who are serious about affecting a positive change in reaching their financial goals and as such, we only approve Boxsite Member Accounts we deem fit to the culture of this elite platform.

3What do I need to register?

You only need 2 minutes to register!

However, after registration you will need to update your Profile with the following (You can simply photograph or scan, and upload these documents):

a) Passport (Identification),

b) Utility bill (Proof of address),

c) Job letter addressed to Boxsite Ltd., LIAT Road, Antigua; or your Business Certificate if you are self employed (Proof of income stream or revenue).

d) Your debit card (Ownership of Bank Account)

4Why do I need a bank account?

For your convenience and security, all Hands are paid out electronically by our bank, Caribbean Union Bank (CUB). When you update your Profile you will provide your bank details for CUB to credit your bank account with your Hands at the scheduled time of your Active Box or Boxes.

5Will Boxsite have access to my bank account?

No. All transactions are carried out by Caribbean Union Bank (CUB) via the EFT system (Electronic Funds Transfer) with your consent when you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Both the Box savings method and the EFT system have been in functional existence for quite some time, we are just bringing them together in a unique way to make your experience better.

6How does Boxsite “Guarantee” my Hand?

Boxsite Ltd and its investors have allocated a substantial reserve of collateral that enables Boxsite to cover ANY delinquency, preventing ANY potential loss to our Members. This includes, but is not limited to, late payments by other Members, or failure to pay entirely. Therefore, you will receive your Hand on-time, every-time in the unlikely event of any incidentals.

7How do I choose a date to receive my Hand?

By clicking the ‘Join’ button of a Box, you will be immediately prompted to select your desired Hand date from the calendar, based on the Frequency of the Box (Monthly/Fortnightly/Weekly). You may peruse the different available dates by selecting the ‘arrows’ in the upper right-hand corner of the calendar. Hand dates are available on a first come basis, therefore, you may select a later date if you so desire even when earlier dates are still available. Before joining any Box, please review the ‘Details’ carefully to ensure it is suitable for you.

8Can I remove myself from a Box after joining?

Yes. Each Box has a Start Date when that Box becomes Active. Before the Start Date of a Box, a Member can Remove themselves by going to their Dashboard and selecting the ‘Joined Box’ tab, then select the ‘Remove’ button in the ‘Action’ column of the Box in question. Please note however, that once a Box’s Start Date has come and the Box becomes Active, Members can no longer remove themselves from the Box.